Det evige dilemma…

Det er ualmindeligt længe siden, jeg sidst har læst en så interessant og vedkommende artikel om balancen mellem arbejdsliv/karriere og privatliv. Den taler ikke blot til mig som individ, men illustrerer forbilledligt de store omkostninger, det kan have på privat fronten at give den gas med karrieren, ligesom artiklen opstiller en række parametre som det er vigtigt at have med, når man tager beslutningen om at “gøre karriere”.

Endelig viser empirien en række køns relaterede, væsensforskellige  tankemåder, som det måske ikke er så overraskende at læse, men dog ualmindelig sundt lige at få repeteret!

Læs den!!

og husk:

We can’t predict what the workplace or the family will look like later in this century, or how the two institutions will coexist. But we can assert three simple truths:

Life happens. Even the most dedicated executive may suddenly have his or her priorities upended by a personal crisis—a heart attack, for instance, or a death in the family. As one pointed out, people tend to ignore work/life balance until “something is wrong.” But that kind of disregard is a choice, and not a wise one. Since when do smart executives assume that everything will work out just fine? If that approach makes no sense in the boardroom or on the factory floor, it makes no sense in one’s personal life.

There are multiple routes to success. Some people plan their careers in detail; others grab whatever opportunity presents itself. Some stick with one company, building political capital and a deep knowledge of the organization’s culture and resources; others change employers frequently, relying on external contacts and a fresh perspective to achieve success. Similarly, at home different solutions work for different individuals and families. Some executives have a stay-at-home partner; others make trade-offs to enable both partners to work. The questions of child care, international postings, and smartphones at the dinner table don’t have “right” answers. But the questions need to be asked.

No one can do it alone. Of the many paths to success, none can be walked alone. A support network is crucial both at and outside work—and members of that network must get their needs met too. In pursuit of rich professional and personal lives, men and women will surely continue to face tough decisions about where to concentrate their efforts. Our research suggests that earnestly trying to focus is what will see them through.



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